OUR BACKGROUND Created out of necessity

Our warehousing and e-commerce order fulfilment business was born out of frustration. In 2013, our holding company Hallett Retail Services Ltd sent out to tender a request for order fulfilment services in the U.K.

We faced the following shortfalls in what order fulfilment suppliers offered at that time: 

  • Complex and expensive pricing models
  • Hidden costs within the small print
  • Cumbersome, poorly explained processes and SLA’s 
  • Limited stock holding visibility 
  • Non customisable solutions
  • Warehouse operations too big to care
  • Operations too small to deal with complexity

OUR Background Our Mission

  • Provide a simple pricing structure with zero hidden costs
  • Maintain a streamlined, efficient order fulfilment process for getting your products live online or to physical stores.
  • Offer straight forward I.T integration to your web platform
  • Deliver a highly responsive service for you and your customers
Hallet Retail Logistics factory box sealing

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