Hallet Retail Logistics warehouse compliance

Warehouse Compliance Responsibility & Compliance as part of our culture

We have worked with many retailers and businesses over many years and so we are fully aware that corporate responsibility does not stop at the retailer itself, but rather flows down the supply chain to the suppliers and partners who serve that retailer. This means that the supply chain as a whole is subject to scrutiny, in whatever form that may take.

Hallett Retail Logistics takes these matters seriously and has implemented and adheres to strict practices to ensure warehouse and supply chain corporate responsibility compliance are part of our culture.

Proven, Cast Iron Confidence

This has been put to the test in so far as we have been audited by large retail groups such as Primark and New Look.

We also employ the services of a neutral third-party consultancy firm who visits our warehouse on a frequent basis to conduct surveys and carry out risk assessments. This provides the owners and directors of our business with cast iron confidence that we adhere to standards that protect our employees, and our part in the supply chain for our customers.

Hallet Retail Logistics safety check

Warehouse compliance Health & Safety

Some of the health and safety protocols followed in order to keep our teams and customers safe include:

Warehouse Compliance Key Legislation Compliance

We also comply to regulations concerning the following key legislative requirements:

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