The Onboarding Process – The way in which we would work with you is essentially divided into two parts depending upon where we are in the process:

Onboarding Process Pre Sales

Before you decide to work with us. This stage is essential for each of us to gain a better understanding of one another’s businesses. The key elements to this are as follows:

  • Understanding your business, it is valuable for us to have a good appreciation of what you do, who your customers are, what your pain points are and what issues need solving.
  • Understanding your specific order fulfilment or Pre-Retail Service Requirements. For example, any special packaging or goods handling needs, your carrier preferences, the territories in which you operate or send goods to.
  • Order or goods handling volumes. This involves getting a gauge on your order volumes, storage requirements, percentage of returns and required stock take frequencies.
  • Provide a customised quotation for services. Once qw understand your 3PL requirements in a little more detail we are able to provide a quotation for services for further discussion.
  • Discuss Service Level Agreements. We provide you with a detailed description of services and the metrics by which our services will be measured as well as the duties and responsibilities of each party.

Onboarding Process Post Sales

Once you have decided to work with us, being familiar and satisfied with the commercials and services that we have discussed during the Pre-Sales phase, we will next work with you to physically onboard your products for resale. This broadly consists of the following actions:

  • I.T. Integration: This is where we integrate your Web platform with our Warehouse Management System (WMS). This allows for seamless movement of data and automation of processes.
  • Product or Inventory Upload: We work with you to upload your product data onto our WMS system, this is normally via a data file feed and provide the necessary file formats in advance of this taking place.
  • Onboard Physical Inventory: This is where we receive into our warehouse your stock. In advance of this we make ready your locations in which your product will be cleanly and safely housed. If required, we can take care of courier delivery services for this as well.
  • Checks, controls and balances. We run reports and ensure that stock counts agree to what was physically sent.
  • Go-Live: Once everything is ready and we are both satisfied that all processes are in place we make the decision to go-live.
  • Receive Orders: At this stage we are fully operational (see How it Works) – Orders received, Picked, Packed and despatched, returns handled, stock controlled.
  • Ongoing Account Management: the process does not stop at go-live, we are available on a continual basis to ensure that everything runs to a high quality standard for both you and your customers.

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