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Order fulfilment Overview of Order Fulfilment Services

Order fulfilment by Hallett Retail Logistics is an effective end to end process that ultimately delivers your products to your customers in a timely manner and in good condition.

Pick,Pack, Despatch

A professionally ordered streamlined system that ensures maximum satisfaction in goods shipping 

Wholesale Distribution

Hallett Retail Logistics has helped many brands and suppliers over the years to deliver into many retailers, outlets and e- commerce sites.

Returns Handling

The quality of our pick, pack service and the control checks that we have in place virtually eliminates customer returns that are a result of product picking and packing errors.


Hallett Retail Logistics is very selective about who it works with regarding delivery services. We measure reliability based upon delivery success, quality of package handling, available technology such as tracking, ease of systems integration, account management and obviously pricing.

Customised Order Fulfilment

Our well-designed operation and skilled workforce are well placed to handle customised solutions for our clients as well as the traditional pick – pack services to be found in a 3PL warehouse.

Hallet Retail Logistics photography studio

Photographic Studio

Hallett Retail Logistics can offer you e-commerce photography in Manchester, onsite, in a photographic studio within the top floor of our warehouse facility. As a result of being close to your product we can shorten the timescales to market and reduce the need to send sample products.

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