Returns Handling Minimising & processing returns

The quality of our pick, pack service and the control checks that we have in place virtually eliminates customer returns that are a result of product picking and packing errors.

Customers however will return products for other reasons; they may be unsure about sizing in the case of garments or footwear, so are likely to buy two units of an item in different sizes and then returning the item in the size that does not fit them.

Another reason for returns may be that they simply are not happy with the product’s colour or quality; paying attention to the quality of photographic images can help massively in reducing this type of return.

Returns for an e-commerce website are therefore inevitable, part of business, so the key is to deal with returns quickly, reprocessing them and making them live again to resell as fast as possible in order to maximise the stock investment.

SCALEABLE LOGISTICS SOLUTION FOR RETURNS Capacity for 50,000+ units per week

Hallett Retail Logistics have many years’ experience in returns processing or reverse logistics as it is often referred. We have the capacity and capability to process in excess of 50,000 units per week for garment category returns.

Previously we have carried out returns handling services for key retailers including Boohoo, New Look, Debenhams, Pretty Little Thing, Frasers and Arcadia.


We currently offer a variety of returns handling services:

Hallet Retail Logistics clothes sorting

CLIENT FOCUSSED RETURNS PROCESSING Processed with care and attention

Returns upon arrival into our returns handling zone are unpacked, sorted, quality checked, folded, retagged With price and bar code and then put back into location or boxed and returned to the product owner. Our service provides complete visibility of progress regarding percentage complete of returns handling as well as inventory held levels.

Your stock is bar code scanned and uploaded onto our warehouse management system (WMS) in order to allow tracking and security which you can then view through your own client portal.

Returns, while often presenting a challenge to an otherwise outwards focussed logistics process, offers an opportunity to excel.

A smooth running, cost effective, transparent and timely returns process can be the make-or-break point for clients and customers. Hallet Retail Logistics understand that it is your company name and your products and brand and treat each return with the care and attention to detail you would expect.

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