What is order fulfilment? From stock to delivery & beyond...

Order fulfilment by Hallett Retail Logistics is an effective end to end process that ultimately delivers your products to your customers in a timely manner and in good condition.

Hallet Retail Logistics barcode scanning

Quality Goods Management

With our Warehouse management systems and barcoding technology we make sure your goods are processed accurately

Hallet Retail Logistics factory boxes

Quality Storage Facilities

We offer multiple storage options in our warehouse to accommodate for a range of goods so your product is stored safely and securely

Hallet Retail Logistics fork lift truck

Rapid Shipping & Returns

We offer a variety of courier methods depending on the requirements and a rapid returns service from garment inspection to quality repackaging.


It is an essential part of your service delivery and so it is important that it is done well – that is why Hallett Retail Logistics is here to help. Being retailers ourselves we know what the key elements to success are in delighting your customers; these include the following:

HALLETT RETAIL LOGISTICS Your product in our process

Your product is received into our warehouse where it is firstly checked for completeness and quality before being systemised onto our warehouse management system (WMS). 

It is then put away and stored into a clean, secure pick location before the customer order is received onto your website. 

The order once received, is next picked from location using our bar code scanning devices in an orderly pick wave sequence where our operative is directed to the correct location. 

At this stage, the system carries out checks to ensure the correct item has been picked before continuing its onward path to one of our packing stations. The items are assembled into the relevant order and packed into the packaging of your choice and suited to the size of the order. It is then finally shipped to your customers using one of our shipping partners. 

The process also includes the handling of any returns received from your customers to ensure that they are compliant to be put away again back into location quickly in order that they can be resold.

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