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With regards the type of businesses that work with us or our ideal type of customer, we work with e-commerce and retail customers across a wide variety of industrial sectors. In terms of size of organisation, these are typically fast-growing SME’s or what we call successful start-ups that sell direct to customers through their own web site, via other retailer’s websites or on one of the many so called market places that operate in the U.K. or globally.

Our customers typically sell fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) with a fast moving stock holding of small, lightweight, easily to store product items. As examples, this type of product includes fashion garments, pet supplies, jewellery, health care products and activewear.

Our customers today, wanted to work with us because we are experienced in adding more than just pick and pack services. They are satisfied because we are experienced dealing with major retailers such as Next or John Lewis, being aware of their inbound compliance requirements. We can offer advice and services that generate repeat orders such as sales and stock data analytics. One further advantage our customers enjoy is that we leverage our retail contacts in providing them with additional outlets on which they can sell their products.

We do not deal with alcohol, dangerous goods or those requiring frozen storage facilities due to short shelve lives.

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Our customers sell over 300 to 500 orders per month on average and may see increases in volumes shipped at peak trading times of the year. We are geared to handle seasonal variations in order volumes and can advise on replenishment requirements from our analysis work we can offer as a service using inventory control and reporting management solutions.

We cater for a wide variety of packaging requirements from simple A4 envelop parcels, garment bags or if required customised gift or subscription boxes. Some of our clients require pre delivery add on services such as personalisation embroidery or package content inserts.

We receive products directly from our client’s manufacturers if required and we are set up to de ratio, ratio, attach care labels and to create, print and attach bar code labels. Upon arrival we check for quality of delivery to ensure quality of despatch onwards to your own customers.

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